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3 gorge swim to lift the agitation that encircle the ground again

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"Chongqing of You Sanxia non-stop flight to walks along annulus lake 5 days to swim. " although pull 3 gorge alone of travel resource 6 into above, the Chongqing that comes to Shanghai recommend last week however with this " strange move " ground of too impatient to wait solicits customer of Shanghai upper reaches. The message says, after large dams operation, 5 class lock implements current ban to major travel ship. Because of this the Yangtse River 3 gorge swim the line is forced everything is 2, chongqing, Yichang is done each at the same time. Pardonable, chongqing basis " oneself " scenery characteristic, reformed element with innovation of arduous and celebrated 3 gorge scene unexpectedly one gentle " annulus lake swims line " .

Chongqing place indoor setting nods concentration; Yichang has border the new travel resource of 3 gorge large dams can be dug; Wuhan traffic extend in all directions. Swim in the 3 gorge nowadays in city, the war situation of 3 land dispute is transforming stealthily, before two have greatly of late " pinpoint to Mai Mang " situation.

In the light of new 3 gorge " smooth lake gives Gao Xia " view and admire a feature, "Annulus lake swims 5 days " already became bureau of Chongqing city tourism first be aimed at technically new the travel project that 3 gorge roll out, basically OK full see 3 gorge view 6 into above, even if city of the Zhang Fei temple that greets a visitor with new appearance, Baidi also catch the whole lot in an action. However a variety of evidence make clear, hopeful of the Yichang after cut flows instigates the grand opera that 3 gorge swim. According to not complete count, the 3 gorge that 3 is become swim line riveting became firm Yichang.

Took Chongqing administer land, need to pay 1500 yuan only can annulus lake swims 5 days, and whole journey lives first-class stateroom cabin included entrance ticket of all tourist attraction. Actually, 3 gorge restore to swim on the Shanghai at the beginning of July oneself since the line, 3 gorge parade affection drops all the way. Before Shuang Fei travel expense of 4 days not only drop into from 3000 yuan 2000 yuan, and the market of little person make inquires is resonant, having make should swim the possibility that line price faces the defeat below small concussion again. The reporter understands with all possible means, as in September the Yangtse River the drawing near of You Ji of 3 gorge gold, there already was the Yangtse River on Shanghai 5 no less than travel agent such as travel company are planning new move.

Does the annulus lake of gentle adn cultivated swim whether light Shanghai person go on a journey again in Shanghai the enthusiasm of 3 gorge? The personage inside course of study says frankly: Have final conclusion hard at present. The personage inside course of study predicts, new line can draw certain eye, but should swim the line is the biggest defect sails upstream namely next canalage lines repeat completely, inevitable meeting brings the be worried on the vision to the passenger.
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