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Tall gorge smooth lake is ecbolic " on the west trigonometry "

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Jiang Shibi is standing on the west, gaoxia makes the same score lake peep. The store water as 3 gorge project, be open to navigation or air traffic, generate electricity, the area of upper reaches of the Yangtse River western is forming China one is southwest of central city, join with Chongqing numerous hinterland, can mix with long triangle bead trigonometry economy area is formed interactive " area of economy of big southwest triangle " . Public figure of group of global numerous economy happens to coincide the ground offerred afore-mentioned point of views, value this very hopefully " area of economy of big southwest triangle " .

Be born be not " mythological "

On August 20, " Forbes " " far east economy is commented on " " Na Hua morning paper " wait for many abroad media, with respect to the development of Chongqing future the problem interviewed Huang Jifan of Chongqing city standing deputy mayor jointly. In be interviewed this, media people the information that gets a be inspired with enthusiasm making a person: "After 10 years, chongqing will catch up with present Shanghai. Chongqing will catch up with present Shanghai..

Just realize 135 meters of store water smoothly in 3 gorge project by June, a few foreign country chamber of commerce that are in Beijing are organized and transnational corporation feels with respect to acumen ground, 3 city and its hinterland will form Chongqing, Chengdu and Yichang one provides those who expand latent capacity extremely " delta " economic belt. The analysis of a few big chamber of commerce points out international, chinese type " delta " economic belt needs to have 3 requirements: It is to have open model characteristic, be located in traffic hub region; 2 it is to powerful economic hinterland serves as rely on, industrial category is all ready; 3 it is to have very appropriate investment climate and market potential. President of company of development of American international business Dr. Wu Anqi is being accepted when interviewing, say, the build of 3 gorge project, make Chongqing and area of border district of 3 gorge week had these 3 requirements.

Really, people is examined new 3 gorge, not merely exclaim Yu Gen is ancient the Xi Jiangshi wall that have no, also be lost in not merely enchanting as before Wushan sexuals intercourse. What everybody pays close attention to more is, tall gorge smooth lake is wider like longer bond, china western the vast domain of upper reaches of the Yangtse River binds more closely closer, drew the outline of the organic whole on meaning of an economy strategy with great quantity.

"Golden baby " can be brought up very quickly

Although the horizontal stroke is empty,be born " area of economy of big southwest triangle " still need to breed, but suspect this without the person young " golden baby " can be brought up very quickly. Because " area of economy of big southwest triangle " the biggest comparison the advantage is hinterland capacious, resourceful, its each fulcrum are had at the same time can expand capacity continuously.
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