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"New the brigade of 3 gorge " pull open heavy curtain

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By city tourism bureau and library area 10 areas county holds jointly " new the brigade of 3 gorge " large series special subject piece activity of spot produce a film, pulled open heavy curtain formally in ghost town abundant yesterday.
Yesterday morning at 6 o'clock, "Country 7 " and " go sightseeing 1 " two large yacht, be fully loaded with on 1000 passengers to arrive at abundant, attend " make an appointment new 3 gorge Xiang Juxin abundant " activity. Cooperative association of program of countrywide TV travel pair of tourists such as TV station of group of the 3rd produce a film, Chongqing the spot knowledge interlocution in ghost town, view and admire " ghost country happy dance " , " puppet ghost makes fun of " the performance undertakes associated produce a film.

Deputy director general of bud of king of bureau of the tourism that occupy town introduces, group of produce a film still will be in ground of hole of faithful county, 10 thousand cities, day to seam, Bai Dicheng, small and other places of river of temple of 3 gorge, Zhang Fei, Guizhou undertakes filming.

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