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3 gorge swim, stream drip the brigade of the culture of chiliad

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Home still does not have which travel dot to be able to resemble 3 gorge can causing so much attention so it seems that. As the propulsion of 3 gorge project, the gold travel line of this 600 kilometers always is producing new heat ceaselessly.

Do 3 gorge swim swim some of what? All the time since, 3 gorge with its " male, strange, danger, beautiful " natural characteristic attracted countless tourists. And in fact, the history of 3 gorge and culture landscape make a person more be charmed. Temple of the ancient building of stone treasure stockaded village of side of stand erect river, Zhang Fei, Bai Dicheng, big Chang Gucheng... the history that lives namely, fascinating.

Only then build the Shi Baozhai tower between Yu Mingmo past years, draw near according to hill situation, ala of upturned eaves layer, have since ancient times " the bright phearl on the river " beautiful praise. Whole structure 12, 56 meters tall, it is woodiness structure completely, did not use a nail. 3 gorge project 2 period store water a year since, shi Baozhai already was become all around waterlocked isle, the miniascape on Wan Rejiang, attracting all directions tourist.

The Zhang Fei temple of Yun Yang churchyard, heretofore already had more than 1700 years of histories. When remove, the far and near that new site is apart from new town, height that exceeds new water level very fastidious, surround even Gu Miaozhou more than 100 hundred years old tree to also be removed together.

In 3 gorge in numerous cultural relic, invite a visitor most the nothing is more... than that feeling novelty highly praises " hang coffin " . After store water, 3 gorge when the river rises the boat goes up too, in cross-strait cliff aperture old hang coffin to leave tourist close, carry eyebrow looks gently, the past before 100000 blow on the face and come.

The brigade of 3 gorge is the brigade of cultural relic not only, also be " the brigade of bookman " . The person that believes each preparation visits 3 gorge can review a such poetry: Between pink clouds of day decline white emperor, hill of river of a thousand li is returned one day. This passes the line that calls chiliad to still arousing a tourist to visit the inspiration of Bai Dicheng of chiliad poem city mentally up to now.

More those who make a person surprizing is, as the improvement of environment of zoology of area of 3 gorge library, gorge river is coastal monkey group appear and disappear, if concealed is like,show. "Caw of cross-strait simian sound does not live, canoe already crossed 10 thousand heavy mountain " Shi Xianwei wind returns again today.

After all poet of how many bookman keeps treasured scrolls of calligraphy or painting in 3 gorge, have exact count very hard already nowadays. "Group 10 thousand big pool go to hill Jing Men, grow bright the wife of a prince still has a village " , in Zhao Jun native place, people chant is worn Du Fu's line; "Hind Huang Jiashu, orange Lai is taken. Recieve orders not change, unripe austral " , in Qu Yuan home town, people hold a memorial ceremony for his sentiment. The brigade of 3 gorge, walk all the way, all the way chant, feel spirit of poetic celestial being all the way.
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