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Next year of 3 gorge museum opens a house to will ask citizen decide " to press

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The reporter learns from city culture bureau yesterday, after 3 gorge museum of Chongqing China open a shop formally on June 18 next year, the our city will be started " the treasure that presses down a house " selection job, on the foundation that recommends in the expert by citizen vote.

Before this, already had delegate of city National People's Congress and partial citizen proposal, the mark sex building that 3 gorge museum regards Chongqing as and center of culture of history of 3 gorge area, ought to and the has value of great history culture and force exhibit that must have an above, it is namely " the treasure that presses down a house " . A lot of experts also think, want to let 3 gorge museum become world-famous museum, the cosmopolitan museum of the British museum of the Lu float palace that must resemble France, England and United States in that way, have can " the town must live " the high-quality goods cultural relic of the audience.

Bureau of the culture that occupy town concerns chief introduction, 3 gorge museum is collected now have more than 100 thousand cultural relic, exhibit among them cultural relic will have nearly 10 thousand, at the appointed time make choice of a limits serves as " the treasure that presses down a house " await choose roll, organize citizen vote.

The message that comes from an expert shows, in faithful county Wu Yang presses down the Wu Yanghan that come up out of land to fault, show itself in cultural relic of numerous high-quality goods, wide accept favour. Regard the first holding that 3 gorge museum installs as cultural relic, wu Yanghan faults is our country discovery is the at present earliest, save most in good condition one honour Han Que, when the high-quality goods in several national treasure.

City culture bureau says about the personage, as a result of its distinctive history, culture and artistic value, in experts in memory, already became " the treasure that presses down a house " first selection. "But ' the treasure that presses down a house ' it is after all still be many, still do not have final conclusion at present, everything by citizen vote. Everything by citizen vote..

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