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Gorge library area 2 period project of geological calamity prevention and cure g

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The thirteenth of standing committee of 2 National People's Congress that the reporter holds from yesterday learns on second conference, 3 gorge library areas of our city 2 period project of geological calamity prevention and cure goes well, major already complete, and in July the middle ten days of a month carried a state preliminary check and accept. Current, each concerned area county concerns a requirement according to the country, clutching begin the round off work such as complete settle accounts, before striving for the end of the year, finish 2 period task of prevention and cure.

Up to by this year October, 181 collapse slippery body and project of library bank processing are finishing already 151; 11 processing instead removes avoid the project that let or monitors, finishing already 7; Project of 722 deep foundations already was finished entirely, project of slope of 180 place high margin already finished 123 point; 177 place plan to remove avoid allow a project, remove certainly via checking 172 place, already allowance of make known to lower levels invests a plan, the part removes the project is finished basically already; Prevention and cure of calamity of library area ground monitors early-warning network to be formed basically, work of construction of 92 professional monitoring point already was finished 80% , 942 group measure group prevent bit of basic already deploy to reach the designated position.

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