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Top July 1 opens 3 gorge dam to be restricted everyday first 1000 people

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Since July 1, top of dam of large dams of 3 gorge project will be opened to the tourist first. At the appointed time, the tourist can take storage battery car to ascend lofty large dams, in end length of flood discharge dam 100 rice, wide the 5 designation of rice area gets off take a picture view scene, 0 distances feel the massive project that this attracts worldwide attention.
According to introducing, dam is very open will undertake according to orderly, set limit to, progressively principle, open time everyday for 9: 00 to 17: 00, be restricted only everyday 1000 tourists.
Open safety to ensure dam supports strictly, this company set the passageway that install check and baggage check room technically still, deployed the door installing check with the airport, the fare that publishs dam top must be accepted install check, cannot carry top of the dam on the article such as camera, beverage.
It is reported, this dam is very open move to try, open term is initial it is 3 months surely, will end on September 30.

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