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Mouth of gorge of long Jiangxi hill discovers geological national treasure " Chi

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"China silver-colored rain is loose " it is the stalactite that closes to long years is passed in the environment and be formed in darkness by bacterium of blue green alga, it is a kind of very infrequent and natural marvellous spectacle. Recently, one individual plant is 6 meters expensive at 4 o'clock, pectoral diameter 90 centimeters giant Shi Sun of " of " Yin Yusong in Xi Ling hole of spring of gorge mouth dragon is discovered, the 2nd individual plant that makes Chinese discovery " China Yin Yusong " .

Dragon spring hole is joy of mouth of Xi Ling gorge tourist attraction of a burrow, this hole is more than meters 1000 long, by 5 stalactite group composition, plan have vertical stalactite many 400, be called " Yin Yusong " stalactite is in be apart from mouth of a cave 600 the 3rd stone of Mi Yuan group -- in chute palace. After occupying geological academy of sciences of China of the person that make an on-the-spot investigation Professor Zhang Xun to make an on-the-spot investigation, say: This individual plant diameter of 4.6 meters tall, bosom 90 centimeters Shi Sun is " Yin Yusong " . Its cause of formation is different from 3 gorge area any stone column in be in karst landforms, Shi Sun, in the environment that closes in darkness by bacterium of blue green alga however, breed and form what pass long years. End at present the whole nation discovers two individual plant only, another individual plant grows in the hole knitting gold of Guizhou Province. This kind of landforms marvellous spectacle that be bred by bacterium of blue green alga and becomes, the world is infrequent, belong to China geology national treasure, make an on-the-spot investigation to have very fundamental value with geological education to scientific research, it is peculiar geoscience landscape and popular science teaching material.

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