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Travel of 3 gorge large dams leaves " hibernant "

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16 days, although the ruler of heaven not cooperate, wash rice rain had below drop of the sound of rain, but mountain of 3 gorge jar still poll assemble is moved, a flock of coming from of Guangzhou drive oneself tourist interest admires large dams beautiful scenery abundantly.
Similar lively picture, will begin to appear in area of travel of 3 gorge large dams in December from last year. Statistic shows, this year first two months, scene area already welcomed global visitor 65 thousand person, than going up year of the corresponding period is only add 17 thousand person, amplitude is amounted to 35% .
According to the Yangtse River 3 gorge travel develops company controller introduction, enter winter before, travel of 3 gorge large dams is immersed in " hibernant " . This year, dam division is special open up drives oneself special passageway, custom-built trailer coach of environmental protection of 12 new-style sightseeing, convenient tourist " 0 distances " beautiful scenery of appreciation large dams. What spread the landscape such as commemorative garden plus 3 gorge cut is open, attracted a large number of tourists, among them, drive oneself reached abroad tourist to grow 2 times compared to the same period much.

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