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Ensure today autumn store water to project of 156 meters tall Cheng Sanxia libra

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Yesterday, area of 3 gorge library 3 period remove avoid let conference of job of lash-up project check be held in Yichang, 3 gorge project clears by 3 period libraries the job enters overall executive level.
According to the State Council 3 gorge build introduction of council office controller, 3 gorge project will come at reservoir store water rising when Qiu Xun period ends today 156 meters tall Cheng, shift to an earlier date 1 year than original plan. The area must be related library area Hubei and Chongqing by August before, finish trash of rubbish of the building under line of 156 meters of water level, forest, life and industrial solid body clear and wholesome disinfection works, what check and accept committee through the check at the beginning of province, city and the State Council is final check and accept.
According to clear library program, e Yu clears by two ground library involve 13 counties (area) , 1816 126 villages and towns, units and 432 industrial and mining enterpriseses; Need to clear ten million two hundred and ninety-six thousand nine hundred square metre, garden reachs the house forest land forty-two thousand four hundred mus, dismantle all sorts of structures such as bridge, hydroelectric station, pumping station hundreds.

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