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Rely on water and electricity and travel to enter the world

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In Yichang city 3 National People's Congress is met 6 times make peace the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on 3 5 second conferences, the delegate that attends the meeting and committee member are used at most in discuss, the most popular is these 4 nouns. " Yichang municipal government is versed in report " in put forward: Be in " 915 " during, "Preliminary building the basic frame of famous city of travel of world water and electricity, build base of the world's largest water and electricity, preliminary building travel internationally the regional center city of the upper reaches in famous city and the Yangtse River " strategic goal, think what caused each delegate and committee member seriously and discuss.
Think generally on behalf of committee members: In coming 5 years, want base oneself upon internationalization, cosmopolitan, do water and electricity of the sufficient Yichang that do work and travel these two old essays, spin travel industry chain, cultivate travel pillar industry energetically, accelerate travel scene area to the tourist attraction is reformed and build pace, promote Yichang image of travel destination city in the round, breed expand travel market main body, develop market of global passenger source hard, raise Yichang to be in domestic and international famous spend and consequence, through the joint efforts of whole town people, preliminary building the target of basic frame can realize world tourism famous city certainly.

Internationally the strategy " frame "

What is the basic frame of world tourism famous city? It is the problem that committee member of delegate attending the meeting pays close attention to very. On March 3, qu Peng of director of bureau of tourism of city of delegate of Yichang city National People's Congress, Yichang is sending square in say: The basic frame of world tourism famous city has a few main essential factor of world tourism famous city to had been formed namely, internationally travel city image already establish, have internationally area of high-quality goods scene, the travel operation pattern that conforms with international and mechanism are formed basically, with internationally the function of urban form a complete set has been formed, common people already had internationalization consciousness. He says, famous city of travel of world water and electricity is main frame, be internationally strategic frame, this requirement, yichang city image should have internationalization and impel power, core travel product should have internationalization, yichang travel economy should have internationalization, the tourist is formed should have internationalization, service environment wants internationalization, the section celebrates an activity to begin should have internationalization, can attract the travel destination of look of tourist of all corners of the land what should make Yichang becomes a true open sex.
Committee member of a few delegates, around the world travel famous city founds speak out freely, build character actively to make suggestions. Chen Hongcan of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference puts forward, regard ambassador of Yichang city image as China sturgeon, use China sturgeon this " the panda in water " international figure and famous degree, show image of propagandist Yichang city. Yao Hua of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Li Tinghou says, build cosmopolitan travel famous city, must improve citizen quality, notice urban detail, if the taxi goes in to have a stink, the car on the foreigner cannot be communicated simply, urban sign does not have foreign language, affect tourist pass in and out and Yichang city figure possibly.
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