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3 gorge right bank is ground press concrete cofferdam to will blow up June demol

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Head office yesterday releases 3 gorge of Chinese the message says: The right bank that executes the mission that block water for 3 gorge project is ground press concrete cofferdam (RCC cofferdam) will demolish at will blowing up June, so that be the store water after flood,prepare to 156 meters tall Cheng.
This RCC cofferdam, axes is full-length 580 meters, lasher put oneself in another's position is the largest height 121 meters, the largest base is 105.5 meters broad, move at blocking water 2003. As 3 gorge right bank large dams is irrigated before this year May build reach the summit, this cofferdam will " result retreat into the body " .
As we have learned, this RCC cofferdam is one of very infrequent projects in project of alive bound water and electricity, demolish a such colossus to succeed, the Yangtse River appoint the academy of sciences and designing institute already did model test, blow up the technology is unchallenged already.

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