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Zhang Jian of natant famous general will " challenge " 300 Li Qingjiang gallery

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Will come 24 days on Feburary 22, zhang Jian of natant famous general comes to the China that currently holds the post ofresearcher of assistant of Beijing sports university to autonomous county of the Tujia nationality length this world, water area of gallery of clear to 300 lis river undertook making an on-the-spot investigation, decision and long in relief county are organized jointly " even if team of natant crossing of Zhang Jian of · of Chinese long this world crosses challenges of 300 Li Qingjiang gallery " .
Ma Shangyun of head of a county of autonomous county of the Tujia nationality length this world and Zhang Jian were signed with respect to match activity " cooperative agreement " . " agreement " preliminary decide: The challenge will be held on April 26.
The clear river gallery that is located in churchyard of autonomous county of the Tujia nationality length this world, full-length 150 kilometers, element has " 800 lis of clear rivers, 300 lis of gallery " say. Zhang Jian is growing water area of river of Qing Dynasty of in relief county to hold countrywide winter carry to meet at will attending last year in December, even if cross the idea of clear river,arose.
Growing this world, zhang Jian comes from guard of mouth of gorge of fishing length this world by ship town of dragon boat level ground, undertook making an on-the-spot investigation to the whole journey of clear river gallery, the decision is organized 3 male 3 female 6 athletes, even if cross a form,use relay, have challenge of gallery of 300 lis of clear rivers.
Even if cross start to be set in fishing gorge mouth to press down censer stone, cent is gorge of day pool mouth, endowment grave, Ba Shan, Wu Zhong to leave level ground of large dams of the hill, cliff that lie between a river, dragon boat to wait for 6 paragraph, in Ou Shinong Zhuang Yi takes bring to land finally. Whole leg connection relics of Ba Guogu city -- " censer stone " , float of day pool gallery, Qu Xi, cling to gorge of brook of king hole, 9 bays, Ba Shan, cling to person birthplace -- Wu Lazhong leaves, since challenges the challenge motion of life limit, also be samite scene is big pass through.
It is reported, outside going up to be opposite formally, the press conference that even if cross the specific appearance Cheng of gallery of 300 lis of clear rivers,will hold in Beijing is announced. Zhang Jian says, even if cross,go up in face of clear all corners of the country, more more difficult than maritime crossing, the flotage of because clear Jiangshui is lukewarm inferior, water does not have seawater narrow, circuitry grows side of big, river wait for a reason, meet.
This challenge, zhang Jian will not enter the water. This even if cross mobile hind, with Zhang Jian the name names " team of Zhang Jian natant crossing " will be born from now on, from now on, him Zhang Jian also will enter crossing activity no longer.

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