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Shen Nong Jia, highway of travel of the zoology that promote hill begins constru

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On Feburary 15 morning, the Gao Yang that promote hill presses down rumble of sound of the artillery piece in gorge of white sanded river, I save highway of travel of the first zoology formal break earth.
The god promotes town of wooden fish of Shen Nong Jia of result of zoology travel highway, stop bridge of gentleman of clear of Yu Xingshan county, full-length 52.91 kilometers, budgetary estimate invests 384 million yuan, the highway of travel of environmental protection of the first zoology that is construction of my province start working, the plan builds be open to traffic by 2007.
This highway is to be in former counties of 209 Guo Daoxing hill Zhao Junqiao is pressed down to wooden fish of forest zone of Shen Nong Jia paragraph the foundation is aspirant change extend all right. New way will be widened by 7 meters of former road 8.5 meters differ to 10 meters, use trend of hill form, river valley as far as possible, use alleviation curve, form successive, fluent the curvilinear highway landscape with tuning.
Before this, province highway bureau says, do not build new line and decide to use bed of 209 nations line, basically be to reduce hill body excavate, utmost ground protects zoology environment. In construction, control noise and water, solid waste pollution strictly, protect area ecological balance.
After this highway builds, it is to contact me to save " one river two hill " 3 travel area (3 gorge, fierce becomes the Yangtse River hill, Shen Nong Jia) main thoroughfare, with the program Yichang of medium Shanghai Chengdu freeway comes Ba Dong paragraph photograph join. This highway or country of the Ministry of Communication " 915 " the one part that zoology highway construction plans.

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