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175 meters water with the fire of the Three Gorges tourist visitors by 25% com

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26, the Three Gorges Dam reservoir reaches 175 meters for the first time the highest level, their flood control, power generation, navigation functions will be fully brought into play, the dream of generations of this can be achieved. To the people for this "gorges" of the beauty and joy Call when they realize the other opportunities have quietly come to the Three Gorges. Gaoxiapinghu into the biggest selling points of the recent This weekend, more than 80 teachers will organize a delegation to the Three Gorges tour, originally scheduled to visit the Three Gorges family trip is scenic. But that 175 meters, 26 water storage of Three Gorges Project Success, teachers temporary requirements, to the Three Gorges Dam to see "gorges" in Views. Yesterday, teachers in consultation with the travel agency specifically, an increase in the Three Gorges Dam trip attractions, "the extra cost of our own money, but you must make arrangements to visit the Three Gorges Dam in the itinerary." Success of the Three Gorges Project reservoir, Gaoxiapinghu beauty show, causing concern of tourists, but also autumn and winter with heat over the past deserted the Three Gorges travel market. Reporter yesterday from the Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism companies have found that since mid-October, Three Gorges Dam area received a visitors a day more than 6,000 people in more than 25% increase than last year, many visitors are directed to the storage dam. Wuhan also called a number of travel agencies, tour the Three Gorges reservoir to become a hot spot recently, the market bounced back this week trips. Hubei Orient International Travel-related charge, Zhang Tai told reporters in September of this year, Golden Week, the Three Gorges tourism is fire The most fire there when a group of 260 tourists. After Golden Week, the Three Gorges tour into the off-season, to the people has decreased, but the market has rebounded this week, many tourists want to see the dam water. "The recent launch of the Three Gorges line Along the way, special arrangements for a boat of tourists watch the scale at 175 meters. " Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism company claims that the Three Gorges Dam area autumn and winter is low season, but this year the situation has changed, from the sea cruise ship passengers and land the team off, driving guests than last year overall increase in the number of Long. The visit of tourists to watch the dam water, Gaoxiapinghu views of people in the majority. In addition, foreign tourists have also charter tour. A prosperity of the Three Gorges Tour season farewell Not only with the fire water storage dam area. This reporter has learned, through the Gap, Pier Shennongjia area greatly increased the number of tourists, "the Three Gorges - Shennongjia - Shennongxi - the Three Gorges," the circular tour route, became the Three Gorges The new form of regional tourism. In addition, Yichang tours Zigui and other places also successfully connecting with the Three Gorges tour. According to the marketing department of the Three Gorges Tourism Pinghu official said, the recent tour Jiuwanxi Pinghu one thousand tourists a day, is the amount of tourists Qu Yuan Temple Steadily day, about four to five people. Several journalists travel from Yichang city also learned that while the Three Gorges reservoir to 175 meters time, many travel agencies started to seize the tourism market, have introduced luxury cruise lines, the popular tourist attractions around the Three Gorges along the "package" . Industry sources said the Three Gorges reservoir, 175 meters is completed, will form a more peripheral supporting tour. At the same time, it will attract more domestic tourists to the Three Gorges tourism projects there will be no peak seasons. And under the Hubei Provincial Tourism "second five" plan as the core tourist areas of our province one of 8 large, Yichang Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism District will Baochi Xiling Gorges original features, and significant landscape features Shennongxi human scenery And the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba based, integrated tourism resources, playing a tourist resort with international quality tourism.
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