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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of date of the Yangtse River

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"Date of the Yangtse River " 2005 the beginning of the year begins to build. "Date of the Yangtse River " build will be a foundation with the standard of 5 stars class, the requirement that at the same time mature human nature changes, safe and comfortable, green is reflected in the design environmental protection, recreational the characteristic such as health body. The design marrow of maritime and super You Lun is introduced in anatomical bold innovation, fission is filled to show in the place such as board of old hall, bow, sunshine. Exterior is novel and distinctive, have seagoing vessel clipper-built, the exterior of choiceness design jumps the black finless porpoise at river side like. All to facilities of facilities of customer service Wu deploy strictly according to standard of You Lun of 5 stars class, full boat guest room and consumption realize one cartoon, set an electron to show screen and monitoring system.

Number of the Yangtse River serves establishment
1, " go up board " setting: Forehead: It is guest room completely (standard guest room 29) ; Mid: Recieve the hall to basically set center of total information desk, business affairs, design of unique old hall courtyard is connected entirely to 6 buildings all the time from 2 buildings fully, let a person experience be suddenly enlightened aboard. Courtyard back end sets swallow type stair, of big two side still set panorama lift also but from 2 buildings understand each building; Hind: Dining-room (250 people) .
2, " promenade deck " setting: Forehead: Presidential flatlet 1 (include a president 1, between the madam 1, view scene hall) ; Luxurious flatlet 4; Standard guest room 16; Mid: The honoured guest dining-room of presidential flatlet form a complete set (2 desks) , rest hall; Hind: Standard guest room 16.
3, " navigation deck " setting: Forehead: Standard guest room 22 (among them 4 rooms can spell a bed to become luxurious cell) ; Hind: Standard guest room shares standard guest room 18 times 40.
4, " recreational board " setting: Forehead: Exterior scene stage, inside hall of singing and dancing of view scene stage, bar (center of conference of 250 people international) ; Mid: Have commodity department; Hind: Hairdressing beauty parlor, massage mulberry that sufficient cure room, read (20 people conference) room, Internet bar; Luxurious flatlet 2 (cover configuration according to a person of extraordinary powers, install disabled establishment) .
5, " sunshine board " setting: Forehead: Corridor of garden of scene of room of card of gym, chess, indoor view; In hind: Lie fallow with sunshine for the theme, the design has massage pool, cistern both sides will arrange many beach chair.

Circumstance of guest room of date of the Yangtse River
1, between balcony mark (Standard Cabin) : A, amount: 101 B, structure: Lie to defend one balcony (two beds) 17.5m2 of C, area
2, luxurious flatlet (Deluxe Suite) : A: Amount: 6 B, structure: Lie to protect one office one balcony (big bed) 26m2 of C, area
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