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Be subordinate to of abroad dimension series belongs to the Yangtse River abroad yacht company
Go up in the Yangtse River at present, the banner issues fleet to have: Victoria, 2, 3, set of date of princess of bright phearl of 5 date, the 7 date, bits that reach the Yangtse River, the Yangtse River, the Yangtse River is sumptuous astral class yacht, it is You Lun of class of on the Yangtse River 5 stars
Yacht has the double deck bilge with advanced international to reach prevent bump into wing tank to make distinguishing feature, safety provides safeguard extremely. You are in those who take the view with ancient abundant meaning of the Yangtse River, also can enjoy the fun of the travel on water adequately. The recreational activities on the boat is rich and varied, card helps performance of culture of performance of view and emulate of calligraphy of education of OK, shadowboxing, seal cutting, Chinese, folk-custom, playroom of have as an attached institution offers mahjong, chess, go, gym, major to massage, system of satellitic communication, TV, movie, the have everything that one expects to find such as various cate cate.
" safe, comfortable, sweet, happy " it is Victoria place hold held service concurrently belief, make it become the ideal ground that holds business affairs conference, recreational travel.

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