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The ★ of ★ of ★ of astral ★ ★ of the century

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The star of the century is " the star of the century " the first of series yacht, use device of advanced navigational aid, remote control to wait, deploy system of sound of TV of central air conditioning, satellite, stereo broadcast, facilities facilities is all ready. 6 buildings (attic) spread except maple floor outside watching scene board, have landscape of be born of ajar open type additionally recreational bar (beer house) . Full boat has 2 presidents flatlet, between average level 84, between costly bid 7 (among them between bed of two husband and wife) , always cover have full-length river to come most the 41 areas of smooth rice, be born type watchs scene hall, of the gross area of stage of room exterior scene of besides maple floor amount to 50 smooth rice, always cover those who choose is furniture of Chinese style of Hong Kong entrance, adornment uses France to import cherry wood, german dimension blocks model steel window, american division Le Jie is provided. With a person of extraordinary powers mark all uses integral bathroom and beautiful mark clean to provide between all standards, british wall paper, the room takes small freezer oneself; Mark of a person of extraordinary powers deserves to have bath crock and hotel type hair drier and bathroom extension telephone call entirely, room area is comfortable, as similar as hotel size. Outside taking independence to watch scene hall oneself except flatlet, the view scene balcony that all rooms take the mutual partition outdoor oneself, sliding door of model steel be born; The with mark of a person of extraordinary powers single bed between all mark can change big bed of husband and wife, flatlet has one to cover two pieces of beds that also can part freely.
The luxurious and high-grade whirl like hotel of 5 stars class still is like on the boat in the center of type the hall. So stair uses arc, make guest fluctuation stair very relaxed freely. The luxurious cafeteria on the boat, muti_function card helps OK recreation lobby (American GBL acoustics, flying benefit riverside is umbriferous) , floor of Guan Jingmu of the sunshine outdoor, massage room of corridor of Europe type wine and coffee hall, gym, sauna, mahjong room, hairdressing beautifies hair room, souvenir bazaar, infirmary, assembly room, business affairs center, 24 hours of hot water, air conditioning of central changes in temperature.
Make date: In June 2002 August 2003
Head boat date: On September 11, 2003
Captain: 87 meters 285.36 feet
Beam: 16 meters 52.48 feet
Hold passenger number: 186 people
The circumstance of asterisk guest room of the century: (in all 93)
1, between the standard (Standard Twin Cabin) :
A, amount: 84; B, structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C, area: 16m2
2, between costly bid (Deluxe Standard Cabin) :
A, amount: 7; B, structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C, area: 21m2
3, presidential flatlet (President Suite) :
A, amount: 2; B, structure: Lie one balcony protects one office; C, area: 32m2

The asterisk eat of the century eats a kind:
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