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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of century the emperor

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English name: Century SKY
Astral grade level: Exceed 5 stars
Head boat date: In March 2005
Air conditioning system: In the center of the United States air conditioning
Date of production: 2005
Sailor number: 152 people
Hold passenger number: 306 people
Board number of plies: 6

The most advanced establishment that aid boat
Use side to push first implement device, raise lash-up to deal with ability, lead You Lun of the Yangtse River to create technical new climate.
Space of the amplest guest room
The width between the standard is added reach 3 meters, the area exceeds 24 square metre, exceed capacious and large space, comfortable, build garden of the warmth on water.
The richest " hydrophily " design
Two panorama lift, gazebo of independent Europe type, hill and water, person and natural harmony are unified, be linked together intimately.
The most luxurious and cozy function establishment
5 natural and graceful of great of imposing manner extensive is luxuriant rotate fully high for nothing old hall
Character is sterling and Euramerican the tableware of the entrance, kitchen utensils and appliances
Concise and capacious bathroom of convenient and comfortable Europe type whole
The balcony of independent Europe type that faces exquisite of curve of river surface water
Configuration is high-grade and relaxed convenient recreational Internet bar
The cigar of colour of excessive of exquisite and refined time, bar
Equipment is advanced of an organic whole of seeing and hearing muti_function recreational hall
The music with elegant and grave decorous style performs hall
The reading room that refined content abounds of primitive simplicity
Eye shot widens free and agreeable sunshine recreational board
The TV with all ready channel of Fu matchless bound accepts a system
The sauna with luxurious and novel considerate service massages a center
The safest safeguard
Have the generation set with the biggest yacht of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of inland river of the Yangtse River stage of 500 kilowatt X4, have more exceed strong horse power and electric power safeguard.
It is first in yacht of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of inland river of the Yangtse River, acquire division of 3 gorge library " inland-water-ways vessel ship prevents sewage to pollute " certificate. Use device of newest environmental protection biochemical treatment, sewage achieves area of 3 gorge library to discharge a standard directly.
It is first in yacht of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of inland river of the Yangtse River, pass CCS attestation (attestation of Chinese ship's classification society) , its build standard, safety performance to have strict safeguard.
Human nature changes a service
To pregnant woman of troops make up of the old and weak, you Lun offers 24 hours to send eat, send medicine, service sending medical service, offer free person specially assigned for a task or job to attend the wheelchair car that offers the disabled service, freely to use, young baby is special wheelchair.
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