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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of century diamond ★

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English name: Century Diamond
Astral grade level: Exceed 5 stars
Head boat date: On August 29, 2008
Voyage area: Chongqing, Yichang
Hull width (M) : 17
Draft deepness (M) : 2.6
Air conditioning system: In the center of the United States air conditioning
Build dockyard: Company of industry of shipping of Chongqing east wind
Hold passenger number: 264 people
Gross tonnage (T) : 8040 T
Hull length (M) : 110
Hull width (M) : 17
Board number of plies: 6

Exceed 5 stars level date of " of diamond of century of " of yacht of luxurious concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals. This annulus has the guest room of river scene gazebo with the biggest the Yangtse River, administrative floor, honoured guest is exclusive dining-room, cigar, 5 hollow old hall, 2 panorama lift, serve establishment have everything that one expects to find. The space of activity of average per capita with full-length the largest river, the guest room of the hotel deploys Hilton, the of all kinds establishment with all ready function, the of all kinds Chinese and Western of lick one's chaps is elegant cate, the recreational activities of rich and colorful, german Nicko character manages, all without exception is revealed exalted with homage.

Full boat decorates elegance of chic, style, beautiful and easy. Have 5 headroom with great of imposing manner extensive, luxuriant natural and graceful to rotate the hall, all guest room all have bathroom of convenient and comfortable Europe type whole and type of complete be born to watch scene balcony independently, the design of " of hydrophily of extremely rich " makes hill and water, person and nature get harmony is united, build home of the warmth on a mobile water.

Circumstance of guest room of century diamond date: (in all 132)
1, between the standard (Standard Twin Cabin)
A amount: 112; B structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C area: 25 ㎡
2, administration is luxurious room (Top Class Guest Cabin)
A amount: 14; B structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C area: 27 ㎡
3, advanced and luxurious room (Deluxe Cabin)
A amount: 4; B structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C area: 30 ㎡
4, diamond flatlet (Diamond Suite)
A amount: 2; B structure: Lie one balcony protects one office; C area: 56 ㎡

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