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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of blue whale date

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La Jinglun is by green hill of group of shipping of Chinese the Yangtse River dockyard builds the Yangtse River that leave factory the 3rd acting luxurious pleasure boat, presidential guest room is set on the boat 1, standard guest room 60, luxurious flatlet 6, total stranger 148.
La Jinglun whole presses design of level of 5 stars grade, decorate, wall of act of glass of exterior of hull of blue-black glass illuminative appears luxurious air, reflect immanent temperament of You Lun adequately. In-house decorate uses the adornment style of contemporary popularity, present the luxurious momentum that gives You Lun.
La Jinglun is luxurious main establishment has pleasure boat: Hall of central air conditioning, closed-circuit television, acoustics, Chinese meal, Western-style food hall, coffee hall, laser shows hall, bar, ballroom, card to pull the beauty parlor of OK, Department of Commerce, hairdressing, Guan Jingping outdoor to wait.

Blue whale number serves establishment:
1, first floor (go up board) : Stage of total stage, scene of center of dining-room, business affairs, infirmary, view;
2, 2 buildings (promenade deck) : Room of nightclub, hairdressing;
3, 3 buildings (navigation deck) : Coffee hall;
4, 4 buildings (recreational board) : Room of bar, gym, bazaar, sauna, auditoria;
5, 5 buildings (view scene board) : Sunshine board.
Circumstance of guest room of blue whale date: (in all 67)
1, between the standard (Standard Cabin) : A, amount: 60; B, structure: Lie to be defended; C, area: 16m2
2, luxurious flatlet (Deluxe Suite) : A, amount: 6; B, structure: Lie one hall is defended; C, area: 34m2
3, presidential flatlet (President Suite) : A, amount: 1; B, structure: Lie 2 hall are defended; C, area: 42m2

Brief judge:
Bureau of tourism of country of A, China 2003 the yacht of 5 stars class of assess;
Exterior of hull of illuminative of wall of act of B, blue-black glass appears luxurious air;

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