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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of date of angel of the Yangtse River

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Date of angel of the Yangtse River is luxurious pleasure boat captain is 91.5 meters 16.8 meters wide, draft 2.65 meters, horsepower 3480, speek of a ship or plane 30 kilometers / hour, can sail at Chongqing all the year round between consummate sea.
Angel of the Yangtse River annulus it is by Yichang of group of shipping of Chinese the Yangtse River dockyard builds the Yangtse River that leave factory the 3rd Dai Haohua pleasure boat, presidential guest room is set on the boat 1, luxurious guest room 6, guest room of luxurious sheet person 6, disabled guest room 1, suite guest room 2, a of standard guest room 23, b of standard guest room (take the balcony) 36, total stranger 146. Main establishment has: Hall of central air conditioning, closed-circuit television, acoustics, Chinese meal, Western-style food hall, coffee hall, laser shows hall, bar, ballroom, card to pull the beauty parlor of OK, Department of Commerce, hairdressing, Guan Jingping outdoor to wait.
Angel of the Yangtse River annulus use clipper-built design and novel shipbuilding technology, provide the new-style adornment data of contemporary popularity, the beautiful curve that gives two to like angel wing is ticked off on hull of illuminative of wall of act of emerald green glass, as if the angel of face of itinerary Yu Jiang. The decorate inside the boat is luxurious air, the design shows originality. Yacht hall is resplendent and magnificent. Of international satellite mobile telephone, offer trade of international post and telecommunications, foreign currency, credit card to serve business, wash clothes, massage, lecture of amorous feelings of culture of coach of artistic performance, shadowboxing, science, folk-custom.

Circumstance of guest room of date of angel of the Yangtse River: (in all 76)
1, between the standard (Standard Cabin) : A, amount: 26; B, structure: Lie to be defended; C, area: 17m2
2, between balcony mark (Veranda Twin) : A, amount: 36; B, structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C, area: 21m2
3, odd world (Single Room) : A, amount: 6; B, structure: Lie to be defended; C, area: 17m2
4, luxurious flatlet (Deluxe Suite) : A, amount: 6; B, structure: Lie one hall is defended; C, area: 34m2
5, presidential flatlet (President Suite) : A, amount: 2; B, structure: Lie 2 hall are defended; C, area: 71m2

Head voyage schedule: In September 1997
Defend a case: Complete 2005 new clothes is repaired
Hold passenger number: 150 people
Brief judge:
Bureau of tourism of country of A, China 2003 the yacht of 5 stars class of assess
B, exterior is shown clipper-built, belong to the Yangtse River the 3rd acting top class and luxurious yacht

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