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"Large and luxurious You Lun fastens " of total uniform number the directly under joint ventures of bureau of Hubei province tourism. Enjoy adornment elegant, equipment is top-ranking, the function is all ready, safe and comfortable, the beauty with excellent service praise. This captain 90 meters, 16.8 meters wide, 5 fall on cent. Have a president 1, luxurious apartment 2, between the standard 70 (take domestic type balcony 40 sets among them) , view of a variety of dining-room, banqueting hall, bar, inside and outside is scene area, muti_function room of international auditoria, discotheque, gym, entertainment room, mahjong, , TV of communication of advanced air conditioning, acoustics, satellite, satellite reachs simultaneous interpretation system. Can carry a passenger 156 people, belong to cross a century, banner model shipping.

Total uniform number serves establishment:
1, room: Crock of phone of guest room broadcast, satellite, color television, online interface, bath;
2, 2 buildings (go up board) : Total stage, bar, shopping centers;
3, 3 buildings (promenade deck) : Center of banqueting hall, business affairs;
4, 4 buildings (navigation deck) : Discotheque;
5, 5 buildings (recreational board) : Sauna room, massage room, fitness room, sufficient cure room, beautify hair room, infirmary, shopping centers;
6, 6 buildings (sunshine board) : Sunbathe field, top watchs Jing Ping.

Always consolidate case of date guest room: (in all 94)
1, between the standard (Standard Room) : A, amount: 6 B, structure: Lie to protect C, area: 16.8m2
2, between balcony mark (Veranda Twin) : A, amount: 68 B, structure: Lie one balcony protects C, area: 18.6m2
3, between costly bid (Executive Suite) : A, amount: 16 B, structure: Lie to protect C, area: 21.8m2
4, luxurious flatlet (Deluxe Suite) : A, amount: 2 B, structure: Lie one hall protects C, area: 35.2m2
5, presidential flatlet (President Suite) : A, amount: 2 B, structure: Lie one hall protects C, area: 45.4m2

Eat of total uniform number eats a kind:
1, breakfast: Self-help of Chinese and Western 2, lunch: Eat of Chinese style desk 3, dinner: Eat of Chinese style desk
Brief judge: Bureau of tourism of country of A, China 2003 the yacht of 5 stars class of assess;
B, 1999 the presidential series of total agency of acceding state travel, it is the admiral of presidential series yacht;
C, yacht issues 6 on cent, the exterior is luxurious air, belong to cross century, banner model yacht;
D, muti_function international auditoria can hold 160 people at the same time

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