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The pleasure boat of Chinese royalty class that makes by level of 5 stars grade. Captain 92 meters, beam 16 meters, height 20 meters, speek of a ship or plane is horary 32 kilometers; Two-men standard guest room 76, imperial flatlet 2; Center of bazaar, business affairs, satellite dials directly TV of international phone, fax, satellite, hairdressing to beautify hair room of center of conference of room of bag of hall of room of card of center, fitness center, infirmary, reading room, bar, chess, singing and dancing, KTV, international, sauna.

Qianlong number serves establishment:
1, room: Phone of guest room broadcast, satellite, color television, confuse your freezer, safe, shower, hair dryer;
2, first floor (go up board) : Hall of total stage, honoured guest, dining-room, communal toilet;
3, 2 buildings (promenade deck) : Room of card of massage room, chess, hairdressing room, medical treatment room, bar, reading room, gym, bazaar;
4, 3 buildings (navigation deck) : Business affairs center, communal toilet;
5, 4 buildings (recreational board) : Room of hall of international conference center, bar, coffee, sauna;
6, 5 buildings (view scene board) : Bar of sunshine board, open air.

Circumstance of Qianlong date guest room: (in all 89)
1, between the standard (Standard Cabin) :
A, amount: 87; B, structure: Lie one balcony is defended; C, area: 17.1m2
2, imperial flatlet (Emperor Deluxe Suite) :
A, amount: 2; B, structure: Lie one balcony protects one office; C, area: 47m2

Qianlong date eat eats a kind:
1, breakfast: Self-help of Chinese and Western 2, lunch: Eat of Chinese style desk 3, dinner: Eat of Chinese style desk
Brief judge:
On A, the Yangtse River exclusive the luxurious yacht of style of imperial family of quiet day of a China
B, guest room matchs some independent balconies entirely, scene of view of more convenient guest
System of C, air conditioning uses the United States to import system of central air conditioning

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