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The Yangtse River explores ★ of ★ of ★ of date ★ ★

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Limited company of Oriental and royal pleasure boat is subordinate " Oriental emperor " date and " Oriental empress " date is bureau of Chinese country tourism the China of assess is exclusive 1997 yacht of class of two 5 stars, world-renowned politics trade is huge child Bill of chairman of such as Microsoft. Build Wo Lun of Great Master of Ci, investment. Henry of the Secretary of State before Buffett, United States. Kissinger, United States is online - Jielade of president of times China accept. Li Wen, Luokefeile is familial and representative of ginseng of numerous United States all chooses " Oriental emperor " and " Oriental empress " date has a good swim the Yangtse River. The choice that believes them is certain can what evidence goes is optimal choice.
On the Yangtse River, " Oriental emperor " date and " Oriental empress " the guest room of date yacht is most capacious, wide window, the scenery is picturesque. Have establishment of functional equipment conference more, set everything needed is ready of establishment of a 160 large auditoria, dining-room, bar, healthy recreation.

End came 2007 at the beginning of 2008, empress date makes east be afresh brand-new super- luxurious yacht of 5 stars class, in order to satisfy global tourist the need of higher administrative levels.
The Yangtse River explores date to serve establishment:
1, room: Phone of guest room broadcast, satellite, color television, electrical outlet converter, confuse your bar, safe, shower, hair dryer;
2, first floor (go up board) : Center of total stage, dining-room, business affairs, infirmary, communal toilet;
3, 2 buildings (promenade deck) : Muti_function hall, communal toilet;
4, 3 buildings (navigation deck) : Chess card room, KTV includes room, communal toilet;
5, 4 buildings (recreational board) : Room of room of ministry of the tea that taste tea, commodity, hairdressing, sauna room, gym, medical treatment, reading room;
6, 5 buildings (view scene board) : Sunshine board

Guest room circumstance: (share 62)
1, luxurious (Deluxe Cabin) : A, amount: 38;
2, flatlet (Suite) : A, amount: 20;
3, emerald article / China flatlet (Jade/Manarin Suite) : A, amount: 2;
4, day day / imperial flatlet (Imperial/Celestal Suite) : A, amount: 2;

The Yangtse River explores eat to eat a kind:
1, breakfast: Self-help of Chinese and Western 2, lunch: Eat of Chinese style desk 3, dinner: Chinese style
Brief judge:
Bureau of tourism of country of A, China 1997 one of yacht of class of two exclusive of first assess 5 stars
B, Western-style managing, the clique has foreign nationality to be stationed in boat manager
C, inside decorate use Europe to import fire prevention to decorate material; The mainframe equipment of world-renowned brand

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