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Ancient painted pottery

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Yichang ancient painted pottery is main raw material with this glutinous rehmannia mud, through treatment and artistic processing, its glair color is glittering and translucent, coagulate temper with fire is heavy, have full-bodied local distinguishing feature. Many 90 product obtains provincial above all sorts of award.
Its masterpiece has:
Mural of glazed colored pottery of large high temperature:
The mural that shapes the design, with draw, quarter, draw together, gush, fill, the gimmick such as dip, caboodle, duplicate to go up to contented edition embryo, glair of colour of inflict high temperature, become via roast. The large glazed colored pottery that made with cooperation of Hubei academy of fine arts 1981 edition mural " Chu Le " , exhibit in countrywide beauty win a gold prize; The throughout the country that made 1986's biggest contented edition mural " Manchu amorous feelings " , via light the Ministry of Works in feudal China and expert assess, it is the artistic curiosa of a rare. Enchased 1987 in hall of Liaoning of people congress hall.
Series of exterminate hill courser:
Modelling essence rustics, configuration glair of the each different, black that all over body, pitch-black shine, glow, the display that likes for masses is tasted.
Cat of ancient painted pottery dish:
The diameter is the contented porcelain dish of 30cm, dish in cat of elaborate scale white, coloured glaze of employ high temperature is become via to calcine, image is vivid and clear, exterior of primitive simplicity is easy, for display pottery and porcelain, be on sale is domestic and international.
On the west hill stationery:
3, the pen is washed, pen container, pen rack each one. Shaping has characteristic of Yichang implements tradition, match with stalactitic base. Glair of safflower of orange of grain of inflict tiger skin. Figure is simple and honest, enamel is glittering and translucent, of primitive simplicity is decorous, desk be practical handicraft.
Zhao Jun tea service:
12, zhao Junyuan of acting king of Yu Han of molding draw materials marries fierce slave the scene of onefold longing home town, rich and modelling grace, agrestic flavour, it is the artistic expression gimmick such as craft of collect pottery and porcelain, character, calligraphy, seal cutting, anaglyph the handicraft at an organic whole. Ever gave the national leader such as the United States, Japan as gift.

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