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Yichang special local product- - fresh vegetable

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Xianggu mushroom: Divide feral outside, still can undertake helping advance somebody's career artificially. Xianggu mushroom is famous edible bacterium, nutrient value is very high, have the flesh to pledge thick, fragrance is thick, the characteristic of delicacy of colour and lustre, can be used as medicine again, often edible can be treated rachitic, prevent liver cirrhosis, reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, fight cancer. Outside dividing sold inside the country, sell as far as to southeast Asia, Japan, HongKong and Macow.
Agaric: Have black with white, feral the cent with artificial education, be in the majority with black agaric amount, dish is used give priority to; Tremella amount is less, it is more officinal. Hypostatic and colloid translucence, bouncy, chip ear shape. Flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich. Contain candy of high volume protein, adipose, saccharide, manna to wait, have enrich the blood, lung of the embellish that raise spirit, hemostatic function.
Demon taro: Ma Yu of " of the star austral renown " beautiful lever, " child " . Grow in altitude 500 meters of the following country, be fond of shady moisture, soil is rich, loose the environment that breathe freely. Demon taro nutrition is rich, officinal value is higher, contain starch 35% , protein 3% , the 45% above such as manna essence. Grind the demon taro bean curd that the oar makes, or gray, or brown, be exactly like poriferous sponge, it is Xi Shangjia to taste. Demon taro is had reduce weight, fall the function such as haemorrhoid of blood pressure, prevention and cure and vein tumour, to bowel of prevention and cure path cancer also has certain curative effect.
Osmund dish: Renown laver, wide sweet stage. Be born in both sides of channel of shade slope wet ground, brook. Pure Brightness plucks to Gu Yu, tender liver mosses is smooth, show amaranthine with cyan, topmost helix shape, have thing of white hair shape, for valuable feral resource. Contain high volume protein, vitamin, iron to wait, it is the feral edible dish with higher value of a kind of edible. Constant edible can prevent cancer. Sell as far as to and other places of Japan, Hong Kong.

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