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Yichang special local product- - Chinese traditional medicine material (II)

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Centipede: Renown " " of millepede of " of 100 sufficient bug, " , belong to a hand of sufficient animal centipede. The celebrated China and foreign countries of " of centipede of " gold head that Yichang produces. Officinal finished product is imaginal dry body, breath wind presses down Jing, dispel the wind attacks poison, medicinal powder knot, connect the function with acetanilide sth resembling a net, use at cure children infantile convulsions, convulsive convulsion, apoplectic mouth, the disease such as injury of ulcer of pain or numbness caused by cold of dense of rheumatism of hemiplegia, tetanic disease, sore, scrofula, serpent. Producing area is branch river county, Yichang county, when in relief city, branch city, far install a county, the golden head centipede that wells balanced with Piao tiger is the famousest. Whole town produces per year a quantity to make an appointment with 7.5 million.
The bark of eucommia: Result from plant of division of the bark of eucommia, officinal part is dry bark, its function: Filling liver kidney, strong bones and muscles, install an embryo. Can treat lumbar backbone ache, sufficient genu Wei is ill, hypertensive, giddy dazzled, kidney empty frequent micturition, a sign of approaching abortion characterized by movement of the foetus causing pain in the lower abdomen. Main source promotes hill, long this world, 5 peaks, Zi to return wait for a county, produce per year a quantity to make an appointment with 53800 kilograms. Jingjie: Taste plant of division of the form that it is a lip originally, officinal divide for dry upside, functional induce sweat comes loose wind, appear rash, use at the cold, have a headache, hives, sore is painful rise first. Originate in Zi to put in a county 's charge, crop 273900 kilograms.

Wood is sweet: Alias cloud wood is sweet, belong to feverfew. Officinal part explodes to wood works spicily, have an energy of life acetanilide, be good at lienal disappear feeds a function. After be being used at treating dysentery of courtyard abdomen bellyacke, have diarrhoea heavy, dyspepsia not disappear, do not think food. This medicine originates in 5 peaks, promote hill, crop 15000 kilograms.

The flower bud of lily magnolia is beautiful: This tasting originate plant of lily magnolia division looks spring flower, yulan magnolia or fierce is become the dry bud of yulan magnolia. Have medicinal powder the function of the chill, a key to do sth that connect bazoo, advocate treat chill to have a headache, the disease such as n&v snuffle, nasosinusitis, nose tears drifting chaotic. Originate in 5 peaks county, crop 50 thousand kilograms.
Root of the tuber of stemona: Belong to plant of division of the tuber of stemona. Officinal for erect the tuber of stemona, rampant the tuber of stemona and the dry root tuber to foliaceous the tuber of stemona. Root of the tuber of stemona has the gas below embellish lung to relieve a cough, pesticidal function, use at cure new long cough, consumption cough, whooping cough; External use treats urticant disease of disease of bug of dawn of head louse, body louse, shade. Root of the tuber of stemona is produced becoming in relief city, far install county, county length this world, 5 peaks county, Yichang county.
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