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Yichang special local product- - Chinese traditional medicine material (I)

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Burdock child: Double name energetically child, evil fact. Produce in area of Gao Han of 2000 meters of above, fructification is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine, advocate the disease such as parotitis of cold of the heat that treat wind, guttural gall, cough, hives and poison of painful swollen sore. Producing area is to grow in relief, 5 peaks, Zi to return, promote the county such as hill, crop is controlled 150 thousand kilograms.
Teasel root: Name plain is broken. Result from plain plant of teasel root division. Officinal part is a root, campaign is 3 years commonly, originate in the big hill of 2000 meters of above. The qualitative soft heart that do not have bavin, section color is black green. Have anything resembling a tendon or vein of filling liver kidney, add inside, the function such as the arteries and veins that move blood. Give producing area long this world, promote hill, Zi to return wait for a county, crop makes an appointment with 262400 kilograms, export Hong Kong and Singapore and other places.

Papaya: Prismatic skin and elephant skin two breed. Branch gives birth to thorn, scanty unripe erect, fruit form is like pear. Elephant skin Chinese flowering quince can be used as medicine, quality lukewarm, taste is sour. Papaya collect lung and stomach, liver of manage lienal embellish, change feed stop thirsty. Still but easy muscle, change bowel of wet, cure the disease such as arthritis of bellyacke of sural convulsion vomiting and diarrhoea, rheumatism and lumbar genu ache. Main source grows the county such as in relief, 5 peaks, the history is highest buy an amount 300 thousand kilograms.

Live alone: Alias endowment Qiu Du is vivid, sweet live alone. Belong to plant of umbrella form division, weigh the dry root of peristome angelica. Autumn collects a root. Furrow is concentrated, accident is not neat, show curve column form, soft pliable but strong of quality of a material, ash is brown, section skin ministry is brown, balmy and full-bodied. Its sex is lukewarm, flavour suffers from laborious. Dispel the wind is gotten the better of wet, medicinal powder cold acetanilide function. Advocate producing area long this world, 5 peaks, promote hill, Zi to return wait for a county, crop 350 thousand kilograms.

The tuber of elevated gastrodia: Entire individual plant does not have chlorophyll. The tuber of elevated gastrodia belongs to plant of the orchid family. Dry tuber is officinal part, wind of the breath that make the same score liver stops the function of Jing, use at having a headache disease of wind of infantile convulsions of coma of swimmy, limbs, children, epileptic tic, broken portion. Originate in Yichang, far how, promote the county such as hill, 5 peaks, crop makes an appointment with 20 thousand kilograms. The root of purple-flowered peucedanum: Alias believes the root of purple-flowered peucedanum, belong to plant of umbrella form division. Officinal part is the dry hate of white beautiful the root of purple-flowered peucedanum. This medicine has San Fengqing to heat up, fall the function with phlegmy aerification, hot cough of wind of cure of in order to, phlegmy much, phlegmy hot asthma is full, cough up phlegm is yellow stiff. Producing area long this world, 5 peaks, Zi returns, promote the county such as hill, crop 228000 kilograms.
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