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Rock mine handicraft

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Rock mine handicraft, it is to use mine of rock of patent technology " to permeate " craft, painterly and material of will natural stone and calligraphy, artistic be in harmony is an organic whole to make and become. The appearance that handles with engineering technology of " of ooze of " rock mine as natural, have stability strong, heatproof, fight the water, character that fights decency, its product gets in country and the area such as southeast Asia, harbor, stage, Korea recognition, can weighs science and artistic crystallization. Travel of product component small craft is tasted and artwork of large craft travel two kinds big.
Small craft travel is tasted, basically craft presses down feet, use the data such as fossil of natural white marble, Mo Yu, biology, with what have distinguishing feature picture be in harmony is made for an organic whole and become, have distinguishing feature of grumous 3 gorge place. Still have model the inkstone of elegance of beautiful, of primitive simplicity, pen container, censer, wine is provided, desk lamp and much appearance the graph of 12 any of the twelve animalses of colorful, remarkably like the true. Art of entertainment of large craft travel is tasted, have the painted screen that waits for decorative pattern of natural stone material to be made for setting with Mo Yu, white marble, hanging, large spell a strokes to wait, it is the wonderful adornment of guesthouse, restaurant, cemetery, tourist attraction.

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