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3 gorge special local product- - orange

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Yichang produces orange, the history is long, of Qu Yuan " orange eulogy " , before proving at least more than 2000 years, yichang already helped advance somebody's career orange. Because Yichang is geographical climate environment is superior, yichang grows orange now, far from " 1000 trees " , reside the coronal of complete province however, crop amounted to 130 thousand tons of hearts to go up 1991, and having numerous admirable variety. Umbilical orange: Cause and effect is very unripe small fruit, along with solid expand, craze submits umbilical form, orange of friend name hilum. The name is held in the arms child orange, without nuclear orange. Fructification maturity submits pellet form, big orange is red, fleshy fragile scent, smell is sweet juice is much, tender and without broken bits. Harbor, bay outside, still export the United States, Canada, Australia, nation such as Aerbaliya.

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