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3 gorge special local product- - fruit

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Yangtao: Feral breed is more, it is actor with China yangtao. Berry can be fed, acid is sweet measurable, juice much faint scent, nutrition is rich, contain a variety of vitamins and adipose albumen fat and calcium, phosphor, magnesian, iron, pectic wait for material, it is brew and the wonderful raw material that conserve can produces. Zi puts in yangtao can of production 's charge, each district of whole nation of be on sale.
Bai Huatao: Renown Zi puts in Bai Huatao 's charge. All get a name for white with leaf and peel. Mature in June, form long circle, top is a bit pointed, peel is close by short fluff. Pulp white, or virescent, juice faint scent, take off a nucleus, quality is good. The inside and outside of potted and popular province of treatment.

Chinese chestnut: Pulp is red, contain a variety of nutrition such as protein, adipose, candy and starch, crude fibre, ash content extremely, can delicacy is fed, boil feed reach make a variety of snack, the officinal function such as good still energy of life, thick intestines and stomach, filling kidney. Chinese chestnut is Yichang city traditional local speciality, return with Yichang, Zi, the prefectural crop such as long this world is most.

Persimmon: Persimmon cent uses persimmon for edible persimmon and oil two kinds big. Edible persimmon is contained protein, adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron and a variety of vitamins, nutrition is rich, smell is sweet juice is much, can be born feed, also can make dried persimmon, persimmon doing wait. Yi Ke processes candy of the honey that it is persimmon, persimmon, frost sugar. Still but brew makes vinegar. Dried persimmon, the calyx and receptacle of a persimmon can be used as medicine. Wild kaki persimmon is industrial chemicals. Its machine goods to sell as far as to alone and other places of couplet body, Japan, Hong Kong.

Jin Shuili: Fruit maturity is early, show golden scene, fruit is big, the flesh thick, skin thin, flavour is sweet, tender fragile, juice is much, acerbity sweet measurable. This pear is originated in when in relief city, the admirable variety that 80 time introduce, sell as far as to Singapore now.

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