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Inkstone of 3 gorge stone

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Special local product of fine hill Jiang Sanxia, by bovine bazoo gorge mouth place produces violet cloud carved stone to make, this stone stone is qualitative ash of exquisite, colour and lustre is black, chinese ink of the dissolve that make inkstone is fast, already had exploitation history of hundreds of years, its finished product calls gorge inkstone.
Gorge inkstone is built because of stone make, with model for the graph, graph cent painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, landscape, calligraphy, design 4 kinds. Because modelling is beautiful, sculpture is exquisite, love by guest of bookman Chinese ink. It is city of 4 treasure fast of Shanghai, badge in those days the top grade of the big stationer such as violet Guang Ge of old Hukaiwen and Chinese mouth Zou, period of war of resistance against aggression ever was judged to be 10 name inkstone " of " China, show a product popular Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Wuhan each are big city, sell as far as to Japan, Hong Kong and southeast Asia a few countries and area.

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