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Yichang special local product- - well-known tea kind (I)

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Chun Mei tea: Tea of Chun Mei of spring scenery card, its appearance is fine be like eyebrow, peak fine long hair is shown, green embellish of colour and lustre, endoplasm: Aroma waves sweet hold
Long, soup palladium is pale green and bright, flavor delicacy is mellow tastily, foliaceous copy is pale green divide evenly is neat. This tea by Yichang city factory of tea of spring scenery of autonomous county of 5 peaks the Tujia nationality is produced, played fair of Hong Kong international in April 1992, have the honor to win international exposition gold prize.
Gorge city emerald green green tea: Appearance all alone close show, verdure of colour and lustre, endoplasm page copy young tender Shang Se is shallow green bright, aroma is pure and fresh and abiding, summary belt ripe Chinese chestnut is sweet, pleasant of flavor little feel well is sweet, beautiful of all of color, sweet, flavour, form. Gorge city emerald green green tea originates in high mountain tea of two sides of Yichang mayor river area, the natural condition that this tea grows is advantaged; Earthy layer is deep and fecund, cloud and mist of the four seasons winds around, day late difference in temperature is big, consequently fleshy of this tea bud-leaf, immanent quality is good, prolonged is able to bear or endure bubble. Gorge city emerald green green tea chooses treatment by industry of energy of company of Yichang city tea and become.
Jasmine spring pointed tea: Flower of tea of be in harmony is sweet at an organic whole, of drink make person faint scent tastily, relaxed and happy. Its character characteristic: Appearance all alone is delicate close ties, bud fine long hair is concealed, fat profit of colour and lustre, aroma bright spirit is full-bodied, shang Se yellow Ming Qingche, mellow pleasant of flavor little feel well, fertilizer of foliaceous copy bud is tender bright. Jasmine spring pointed tea fastens the admirable scented tea that company of Yichang city tea contrives, this tea is chosen in those days spring carbonadoes green gross tea makes tea semifinished product admirably, with the jasmine flower essence of high-minded faint scent labour is made. This tea had the honor to win Hubei to save high grade product 1990.
Appropriate red congou: Appearance all alone close ties is beautiful, embellish of black of colour and lustre shows a unit of length, foliaceous copy is fresh and tender Gong Yun; Soup lubricious Gong Yan is transparent, aroma clear delicacy is sterling, alcohol of flavor little feel well is sweet. "Congou of appropriate red " is black tea kind beautiful is tasted. "Congou of appropriate red " , sold past Russia England early 1800 in the Christian era, to 1886 around is exported in great quantities, sell toward the international market, enjoy taller reputation. Because " appropriate is red," centers mouth of Chinese of have a change of luck to export by Yichang at that time, friend calls " appropriate red " .

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