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Yichang special local product- - well-known tea kind (II)

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Deer park tea: Get a name with temple of producing area deer park. This tea belongs to yellow tea kind, the color is distinctive, have colour and lustre golden, bai Hao is shown
Dew, suo Qingxiang is abiding, the character trait that tender Huang Yun weighs by the leaf. Deer park tea originates in the far northwest that install a county group in hill, already had more than 700 years of histories. Already loaded " anthology of research of Chinese well-known tea " with teaching material of try out of school of countrywide advanced agriculture " make tea learn " in.
Cactus tea: Because of its " piece name of friend of " of palm of be similar in shape. The characteristic of this tea is: Piece palm of be similar in shape, fluff exposure, soup color is bright, faint scent slips ripe. Cactus tea is originated in when Yang Yuquan the temple is taken, only then Yu Tang is acting, heretofore already had 1200 old histories. Classics Hubei saved a large bamboo hat 1984 appoint appraisal, cactus tea labels Hubei place well-known tea.
Gorge city is dark green: Appearance all alone close show shows a unit of length, fat profit of verdure of colour and lustre, flavor little feel well answers pleasant, foliaceous copy is pale green divide evenly is neat. This tea originates in brook of Yichang county peace and tranquility to be taken, hubei saved assess of committee of science and technology to be Hubei place well-known tea in June 1984.
Deng village green tea: Appearance demand is tight fine, verdure of colour and lustre, odour scent, flavor alcohol and. Deng village green tea originates in village of Yichang county Deng, in Yichang county tea was decided to be the whole nation 1979 46 tea are thoroughbred one of.
Tea of floss fine and soft: Zi puts in tea plantation of strip of land between hills of bound of week level ground 's charge to produce, stout and strong of this tea bud, make subtly, all alone close, fine, garden, straight, fine long hair, soup color is emerald green.

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