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Miniascape is wait with stone of arboreous, hill for material, through artistic processing and elaborate education, typical in the basin and centrally emersion nature is magical the handicraft of appearance, be known as the poem with breathed " , the picture " of main body.
Source and course of deep of Yichang miniascape history is long. Clear minor details, appeared the family makes the miniascape that admires oneself oneself, after liberating, especially since reforming and opening, as the improvement of people living standard, aesthetic interest rises, miniascape and develop subsequently rise.
Current, yichang miniascape already formed 3 big kinds:
Hill stone miniascape. Have traditional Chinese painting and the aesthetic interest with harmonious and uniform nature. Use the stone material resource with rich Yichang, draw lessons from law of ability of tradition of traditional Chinese painting, pay attention to naturally appearance feature, deserve to be machined meticulously and be become with plant and miniature sculpture. Yu Xiongwei of much draw materials of its subject matter's gallant the Yangtse River the landscape scenery of 3 gorge, story of mythological fokelore, history and reality live.
Stub miniascape. Element has " of " vivid cultural relic say. It is it is main material with tree, apply " to shrink the gimmick of Long Chengcun " , through artistic treatment model behaves a theme, the beauty of open interest of the strange old tree of emersion nature and mountain forest. The natural resources of miniascape of the Yichang stub that make is very substantial, mother of midge of thorn of Bin having water, ginkgo, fire, China, nandina 2800 a variety of.
Hang dish of miniascape. Use natural hill stone, deserve to be mixed with calligraphy and painting adornment essay, be made meticulously and become.
Hang art of dish of miniascape collect miniascape, painterly, pottery and porcelain, seal cutting to be an organic whole, have favorable adornment art effect, can configure small to offer already desk, also suspensibility wall.

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