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Root carve

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History of 3 gorge craft long, breed is various, burgeoning high-quality goods is shown ceaselessly. It is new that handicraft of mine of root carve, miniascape, rock, ancient painted pottery, long Yang Cao is made up period the strange flower of 3 gorge craft, have very high culture grade and appreciation value.
Root carve stub, withered root, not be artistic originally, but become carve of these " of " uncut jade " implement " , make all sorts of rich and colorful, coquettish beautiful model, make together of person thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind. Root carve changes " this kind to degenerate namely the art that is magical " .
The root of Yichang art get Jing Chu is classic the edification of root art and contemporary root art influence, creation gets accede and innovating. Develop as the development of reforming and opening, root art also coruscate gives youth, make the high-quality goods in Yichang craft. Emerge in large numbers gives the root carve actor or artist of a batch of quite famous gas such as Zhu Xingan, Chi Houtang, Li Mingtao, Zhou Xuesen, one large quantities of roots art work shows itself.

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