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The classic of nature - 3 gorge strange stone

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Muddleheaded leave first, cosmic Hong Huang, bilked the god to bring up us this heavenly body, model a river of mountains and rivers-land the natural landscape of this spectacular.
The Yangtse River 3 gorge are a natural and geological museum, also be the treasury of art of a strange stone, the breeding ground of strange rock culture. 10 thousand stone are in 1000 hill early the mankind appears to be here before local born and bred, it is the " dweller " with 3 the oldest gorge. Head of cliff bank beach this 1000 appearance the stone of 100 condition, deck the enchanting of 3 gorge landscape, gift of 3 gorge magical with abstruse, rich culture connotation.
The beauty of the thing, expensive in nature; Artistic beauty, expensive in discovery. A thousand years 10 thousand generation, ancient wait for come today, what refined scholar of how many bookman is 3 gorge stone is magical and dump becomes " stone mad " , guest of Chinese ink of home of how many poem, those who be 3 gorge stone is wonderful and be intoxicated into " of " Shi Chi. Past dynasties distinguished personages, there's no one who doesn't or isn't is a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge bead, show appreciation for sb all the more to 3 gorge stone, its are aesthetic evaluation it may be said is like tide reputably, chant is incessant- - " day fine scatters into ground arteries and veins, long Zhangfeng is qualitative why " of diverse and confused (An Zhi of proclaimed in writing: " song of salty pool quarry " ) what this endows with 3 gorge stone is inherent beautiful qualitative; "Gorge hill the world is beautiful, more than gas comes loose the " that it is stone (bright · Yan Saijun: " the stone that turn over ridicule " ) 3 gorge Shi Zhi enrages this eulogy charm; "Big stone is like Dao Jian, gravelstone is like dental " (the Tang Dynasty · Bai Juyi: " have into gorge first feeling " ) , the form that this represents 3 gorge stone is odd also; "Stone and person contend for hegemony... " of the Bu Tianshi that be like refine (Ming Lei thinks of abundant " travel notes poem " ) the of primitive simplicity that this chants 3 gorge stone, vigorous and firm also; "Regretful hates popular feeling to be inferior to stone, little when east go answer " comes on the west (Tang Liuyu stannum " colourful beforehand stone " ) this allegorical popular feeling is not as adamantine as 3 gorge Shizhi also; "Only mountains and rivers-land is get the better of absolutely, the can that send a person makes draw boast " (Ou Yangxiu of · of the Song Dynasty: " Yu of the emperor that send a plum " ) this is pretentious like 3 gorge Shan Shiru draw wonderful unsurpassed also.
Advantaged zoology environment, the rock culture with long history is traditional, feed edified 3 gorge person and strange Shi Zhi to indissoluble affection predestined relationship. 3 gorge areas play Shi Feng fill, of Shi Wan, Shi Chi numerous, collect, article those who admire grade is tall, already renown gallop China, acoustical Fei is abroad. 1002 gold are easy, strange stone of a 3 gorge is begged hard. Value of market scientific research, art is viewed and admire value, economy value and collect value the gorge strange stone at a suit, attracting global myriad a man of insight collect admire and frenzied pursuit. In because of build of 3 gorge project increasingly rising " 3 gorge heat up " in, heat of 3 gorge stone also is warming up sadly.
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