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Hole of ancient wet sound: Play the part of beautiful scene area to greet a visi

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On September 9, from Gu Chao beauty spot of phonic hole 3A learns, to receive Yichang of the 9th China 3 gorge international travels the arrival of the section, scene area undertook perfecting to infrastructure construction, undertook to each tourist attraction inside scene area whole is maintained.

According to general manager of beauty spot of hole of ancient wet sound king dawn fierce introduces, to salute the advent of travel section, scene area built the zoology dining room that can contain 600 people to dine at the same time, the staff member grows scene area and dining-room dish breeds, pure zoology free from contamination, had thrown at present use. For convenient berth car, scene area still undertook extend to the parking lot, the parking lot after extend can hold place of 40 travel bus. Additional, the staff member undertook to each tourist attraction inside scene area whole is maintained, ensure safety is neat, make disappear of scene area appearance anew.

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