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Position:Tour in the Three Gorges

Guo Youming emphasizes making division of scene of high-quality goods travel whe

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Have the Yangtse River the Yichang of the world-class travel brand such as project of 3 gorge, 3 gorge, how to make bibcock of 3 gorge travel and 3 gorge travel optimal destination city? Will come 9 days on October 8, guo Youming of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city arrives deep travel scene area, around make high-quality goods travel scene area, breed travel pillar industry to undertake survey.

Inspect hill of beauty spot of mouth of Xi Ling gorge, exterminate on the spot after area of Ou Xiaofeng scene, guo Youming emphasizes, should grab catch travel of culture of E Xisheng form to encircle development good luck, hold to “ protection to give priority to, scientific program, reasonable development, sustainable the principle that uses ” , resource of travel of integrated, protection, perfect tourism infrastructure form a complete set, make division of scene of travel high-quality goods, cultivate travel pillar industry, travel water and electricity of Yichang building world hard famous city.

Yang Mogui of secretary-general of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee, hu Jiafa of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor, deputy mayor Liu Jungang joins survey.

8 days, guo Youming comes to gorge mouth beauty spot all right, the travel treasure ground that in this gorge beautiful, great river flows into, his home is visited, made an on-the-spot investigation plain 3 gorge labour recieves center, Kang Fushan all right village, long appoint groom center, long appoint village of hostel of management board of base of scientific research of the level ground before Yichang, be open to navigation or air traffic, peach blossom, the Yangtse River is abroad You Lun dock, south ferry involves area of hill of guesthouse of village, fire control, exterminate.

Those who face the Yangtse River is former 3 gorge labour recieves a center to have not be over all right labour already stopped build, unused and old, after Guo Youming crosses fireweed to mount building top to make an on-the-spot investigation, say: “ the resource of this place is too valuable, must make joint-stock source, the travel that builds high quality scales serves an item. ” already the too many beautiful things of scenery of periphery of guesthouse of peach blossom village of close down, he says: There is hotel here, have travel port city, want as soon as possible dish living natural resources. ” is aimed at area of gorge opening scene, guesthouse is small and much current situation, guo Youming exhorts relevant branch chief: “ gorge mouth is the place with the most beautiful the city zone, the function of travel is in this one centrally, want good good program, conformity, cannot waste resource. ”

Yesterday morning, guo Youming comes to area of dawn peak scene, inspect Xiao Feng to drive oneself swim tourist attraction of hole of lion of highway of Zhang Lian of mouth of service center of camping ground, travel, Zhang Jia, gold. Group of Yichang nation trade invests area of dawn peak scene, will integrated, build 9 tourist attractions, once reputation far raise and the golden lion hole that becomes silent for a time, opportunity of survival of recovery of repair of course nation trade. After walking into golden lion hole to look around, guo Youming is very glad. In researching way, guo Youming and country Han Jingzhong of trade group president all the way communicative travel development, hope nation trade establishs new meritorious service again on tourism development, han Jingzhong states scarcely loses hope.
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