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Do sth without authorization of Hainan travel tourist guide increases shopping n

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Fan Weizheng gets all tourist to sign agree, and do sth without authorization adds tourist attraction, shopping dot or recreational item, bear holding cost by the tourist guide, fine 800 yuan / person / dot.

On August 31, bureau of Hainan province tourism is in Chinese hold “3·15” character to swim press conference, earnest acceptance afore-mentioned item.

The basis is affirmatory, the tourist will be in henceforth Hainan, if receive money the incorrect edition, circumstance that forces consumption, can win 3 times compensation; The tourist guide does not get do sth without authorization to change journey tourist attraction; The tourist attraction must not be added to reach shopping point in the do sth without authorization outside the journey; The recreational project that provide for oneself is made clear inside the journey, answer to be chosen to participate in by tourist freedom; Travel agent should announce corresponding rate. In addition, if sign without all tourist,change the journey, agree with what in shopping dot retention period exceeds 45 minutes without the tourist, will be in in order to fine.

It is reported, hainan already opened 800 quality 24 hours to supervise a phone, the tourist encounters a problem, can complain in time.

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