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Use the Olympic Games and incomplete citizen of abstruse meeting clearance " mak

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…… of park of ” of ” of “ bird's nest, “ water cubic metre, Olympic and photograph of in former years are compared, infuse of Beijing travel circuitry a lot of new elements, make the new choice of Yichang citizen go on a journey.

During Olympic Games match is held, the meal of Beijing, housing is relatively nervous, the price also rose than ever a lot of, the citizen that lets a few plans travel to Beijing must plan of defer go on a journey. Each are big travel agent also rises because of cost of go on a journey, the travel that suspends sending the match of a few Olympic Gameses such as Beijing, Qingdao to hold a city is round. Conclude many days in Beijing Olympic Games in, travel agent restores to send round plan in succession, roll out “ the setting sun to have make an appointment with —— deepness Beijing double lie 7 days to swim exterior of place of Olympic Games of Beijing of ” , “ swims a series of travel circuitry such as ” , yichang citizen also ” of “ make use of every bit of time or space, use this one empty shelves to begin the brigade of Olympic Games Beijing.

Introduce according to staff member of a travel agent, price of the meal of the Beijing after the Olympic Games ends, house drops very quickly, the traffic that enters Beijing is more expedite, offerred advantage to travel into Beijing. Suffer the effect of the Olympic Games, the citizen that comes round to seek advice and book Beijing to swim is more ordinary turned over times. Incomplete during abstruse meeting comfortable Feng Zhongqiu section, still many citizens sign up to travel into Beijing, travel agent also hopes to take the opportunity hit a “ to turn over battle ” .

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