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Travel of channel of 9 stockaded village achieves a historical low price

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Arrive from net of the journey that carry Cheng and understanding of each travel agent yesterday, sichuan respect already gave out best price attracts Wuhan tourist, travel of channel of 9 stockaded village wants petty gain than last year 500 yuan or so.

Last week, bureau of Sichuan province tourism holds “ enchanted Sichuan ” media meets meeting, roll out each favourable measure outwards, reach strategic collaboration formally with net of the journey that carry Cheng, roll out series to exceed low Sichuan to swim product, in order to attract a tourist. Because highway returns not complete rehabilitate, wuhan market travel of channel of 9 stockaded village still is flying Chengdu hind again Huang Long of non-stop flight to.

The product of free travel tourism that at present Wuhan rolls out is: Contain Chengdu channel of 2 late hotels, 9 stockaded village airline ticket of room of hotel of 4 stars class, 4 Cheng reachs 3 evening 9 stockaded village of Chengdu + channel + yellow Long Sifei goes 6 days freely lowest only 2499 yuan / person, this is the lowermost quoted price that circuit should travel in recent years on Wuhan market.

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