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Hind of half an year can go to Korea travel quote to predict to be controlled in

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Learn from capital travel agent, korea is open form a delegation for our country citizen leave the country swim after destination, hopeful is in epigenesis of half an year is round.

Field of the travel in harbor expresses, according to the convention tourism bureau is announced leave the country swim very long period of time needs after destination make an on-the-spot investigation period, establish a journey that send a group and price according to destination information, need the time that half an year influences commonly.

Of destination of “ citizen travel open with travel agent product meeting giving heat has ” of proper equation of time, yesterday, black force market popularizes a Song Xiaogong of high business manager to express in, specific arrangement will be given priority to finally with official announcement.

Song Xiaogong expresses, korea distance China is closer, consumption level is low, market prospect treats fine. Current, black force field makes the same score and other places of soil, clever sweet hill to regard development as direction with Korea in, scheduling is controlled 5 days, quote predicts to be controlled in 4500 yuan.

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