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Program of 3 scene area passes Xiao Feng evaluation

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3 scene area controls hole of lion of tree of ginkgo of area of travel of peak of 3 gorge dawn, gold, Gu Longxi detailed program and priority discipline build the gender the gender plans in detail, passed expert evaluation a few days ago.

According to the program, orientation of 3 scene division is 3 gorge of “ ” of area of scene of travel of high-quality goods of province of Hubei of ” of ” of channel of 9 stockaded village, dak of “ Shen Nong Jia, “ , highlight 3 gorge amorous feelings, geological culture and landscape characteristic, execute integral development, harmonious development, build a standard to undertake building developing for the requirement with area of scene of national AAAA class. Among them beauty spot of white fruiter chute will be built give priority to an axis with natural chute landscape and natural gorge scene, with natural sightseeing, culture experience, recreational go vacationing, the recreation on water, folk-custom is interactive the landscape painting corridor that gives priority to a line; Golden lion hole will make full use of its resource gift, form with geology division take an examination ofing is a center, collect nature sightseeing, recreational preserve one's health, expeditionary experience is the travel pattern of an organic whole; Scene area will form Gu Longxi to experience with religious pilgrim, culture, recreational go vacationing, the development mode that the recreation on water pays equal attention to, realize the perfect confluence of natural landscape and humanitarian establishment.

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