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Area of scene of 3 gorge travel year card issues a breakthrough 13000 pieces

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Travel walks into an innumberable families beautiful scenery of a calorie of You Bianyi prosperous

Yesterday from year card does know, area of scene of 3 gorge travel year since card will be issued on April 10 oneself, up to 13731 pieces are sold in all by September, hold calorie of citizen that enters scene area to achieve 39294 person-time.

Travel year card lowered travel threshold, opened wide gate of travel of this locality tourist attraction to ordinary common people, true “ returns Jing Yumin ” . Travel the emission of year of card, go up objectively the development that spurred travel industry, travel scene area in succession around year card made a text. Yichang is handed in in carrying the group organized 30 cling to the car puts in the market, open special railway line of travel scene division, serve to hold calorie of citizen that enters scene area to provide convenient communication.

Year the emission of card also drove the conduct propaganda that is not year of card scene area, cereal of joy of beauty spot of mouth of Xi Ling gorge is rolled out, citizen by year card watchs green edition to scene area " dream · 3 gorge " , can enjoy 3 lose privilege. In addition, had been not brought into temporarily the growl of day of the day that promote hill of year of card scene area is seaborne scene area, Zhao Junshan village, magical Long Dongjing area takes the lead in making favourable commitment, every holds year of citizen that card is encouraging hill to travel, hanging list price adrift toward Tian Hou execute on the foundation 8.5 lose privilege, price of house of Zhao Junshan manor is hanging list price execute on the foundation 6.5 lose privilege, area of scene of divine dragon hole is hanging list price execute on the foundation 7 lose privilege.

Travel of year of card roll out, make Yichang travels to drive long-range travel by short range travel, thereby to circumjacent area ceaseless radiate, drove Yichang person You Yichang not only, and the favorable result that brought Yichang person to promote area of Yichang travel scene.

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