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Hole of ancient wet sound: Luxurious scene dining-room greets a visitor

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As the 9th China 3 gorge international travels the drawing near of the section, the scene dining-room of hole of sound of ancient tide of area of well-known view travel begins appropriate happy event greet a visitor.

On September 17, the reporter interviews understanding to arrive, hole of sound of ancient tide of area of scene of national 3A class throws 3 million yuan, constructed the luxurious scene dining room of 1800 square metre. This names the scene that brings Ji Shangjing ” for “ dining-room, can accommodate 800 tourists to dine at the same time. There are Mu Qiao, isle and the bamboo that growing inside dining-room. These bamboo are the rare breed of same latitude, among them gold embeds a variety of 30 renown bamboo such as bamboo of jasper, mottled bamboo, black bamboo, arhat to be in strange looks sways in the running water of Chan Chan. Between Zhu Lin, birdie is hopping, vocal, in the bosom that lets tourist suddenly be like place oneself nature.

Introduce according to fierce of owner king dawn, beauty spot of hole of ancient wet sound fluctuates besides what have having a unique style two water drought cave, China besides the well-known view such as the first stalactite, its meal is more in be famous in a tourist with ” of “ bamboo banquet, travel every time busy season, mu Minglai has the tourist in an endless stream of ” of “ bamboo banquet. For this, he invests to be dining-room extend luxurious scene dining-room gigantic, let a tourist be in after appreciating landscape view, enjoy in the environment in meaning of picture of a poetics again delicate.

Meanwhile, area of scene of hole of ancient wet sound returns extend the large parking lot of 3000 square metre, can park enlarge small car at the same time 100.

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