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Yichang countryside travel is overall " blossom "

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Develop area of a scene to become rich one party common people drives one party economy

Rustic travel is become in international travel not only popular, also become fashion gradually in Yichang. In recent years, yichang accelerated the conformity of the element such as culture of natural landscape, folk-custom, recreational recreation, will in order to develop rustic tourism accelerate construction of socialistic new rural area.

Yichang countryside travel is prosperous

Happy ” of farmhouse of “ of outskirts of a city of traceable of Yichang countryside travel, happy with “ farmhouse ” is main configuration to expand gradually. Of happy ” of farmhouse of “ of Yichang outskirts of a city arisen, drove Yichang countryside to travel thereby by outskirts of a city to prefectural town, develop quickly by what choose a side. “ eats farmhouse meal, see farmhouse scene, dry peasant family the main content that the recreational activity such as vivid ” becomes “ farmhouse happy ” , “ farmhouse happy ” already made the window that Yichang travels and characteristic brand.

Through development of 78 years, yichang countryside travel is mature with each passing day, breed beauty spot of brook of port of beauty spot of beauty spot of folk-custom of brook of dispatch a vehicle, 3 gorge other people, bavin to wait for area of scene of a batch of characteristic. “ pen pen is steep steep two hill, there is measure only among wide, going out is bachelor, oily salt relies on an egg to change ” completely. Be located in the Che Xi with bit of military region urban and rural earth, past is a poor village that gave a name, the development of tourism makes car brook old appearance is changed new colour, in a lot of cities or the woman of some other place marries the boy of the village actively.

Current, happy ” of farmhouse of our city “ already amounted to 1653, rustic travel tourist attraction 47 place, among them demonstrative dot of countrywide agriculture travel 3, provincial agriculture travel sets an example bit of 4 place, add up to from personnel of course of study 18 thousand person, among them farmer obtain employment 15 thousand person. This year first half of the year, travel of whole town countryside welcomes a visitor in all 2.07 million person-time, gross income breaks through 64.22 million yuan.

Characteristic industry props up rustic travel

What Yichang characteristic industry becomes development countryside to travel is effective prop up. The branch of Chun Shangtao flower, Xia Pinxian peach Jiang Anfu temple the garden of 10 thousand mus of peach blossom, a hunderd li that gives priority to in order to plant pear tree continent arenaceous the operatic circle, with Qing Jiangji Shi Jia is versed in, exhibition, grow miniascape of carve of root of lasher of in relief tall home, it is the resource advantage that relies on place, lengthen travel industry chain ceaselessly, the “ distinguishing feature that development becomes countryside to travel board piece ” .
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