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Sirocco of the go on a journey after long holiday continues to blow

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After National Day grows a holiday to pass, ought travel coldly gradually the market is done not have at a draught cold and cheerless. The reporter visited Yichang the city zone yesterday the discovery after a few large travel agent, in this paragraph of day after the section, the person of go on a journey still many, the new personality that have honeymoon and the old person that are about to celebrate a festival become main force, add the fall of each circuitry price after the section, many resting year of off person also take the chance to go out to go vacationing.

New personality honeymoon swims sing leading role

The 11 ” of “ that just go the golden week, new people gathers together marry, so honeymoon journey became the one large window of ” of the golden week after “ naturally. “ is early at the beginning of September newlywed signs up the go on a journey after advisory section. The reception that ” occupies travel agent personnel introduction, the person that the travel after section of in former years signs up is old people mostly, and in team of the journey after the section this year, newlywed also held certain proportion

According to travel agent introduction, in numerous tourist attraction, 1500 yuan / person - 3000 yuan / the person's home is long term the most welcome, kunming Dali Li Jiang, Hainan 3 inferior etc is popular destination, as a result of the Olympic Games hold, beijing also is the place that new people is willing to choose. The travel price of the Hainan in “ golden week rises very badly, and go there now have honeymoon just 2000 yuan. ”10 just got married 4 days month be like gentleman couple to sign up attended the Hainan that the middle ten days of a month will set out in October 4 stars are pure play 4 fly 6 days to swim, they feel to there is marriage holiday to travel after the golden week very be to one's profit.

And the respect swims outside the condition, southeast Asia line is relatively popular, lie fallow especially the island that go vacationing swims, be like cling to li island, Hawaiian and other places, get the reception of new people quite. In addition, the product line of and other places of city of Hong Kong, Korea, Europe also has many newlywed to seek advice.

Heat of silver hair a group of things with common features holds road of red line of the setting sun in both hands

October is dry,crisp air of autumn, road of red line of the setting sun still is each travel agent advocate dozen. As we have learned, current, yichang city each old person that big travel agent rolls out swims product include many popular line such as Beijing, Guilin, Xi'an, Hainan, Xiamen, Kunming, Hua Dong. According to travel agent relevant personage says, major old person was not being driven between 11 long holiday embrace a height to travel, this paragraph of day after the section, climate is delightful, suiting idle to endow with the old person that is in the home to go out, at present travel agent place receives medicinal powder among the guest, old people held the most of crowd of go on a journey.
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