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Fall October, old people travel warms up

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Circuitry of go on a journey basically is centered in Beijing, Hainan to wait for the price that visit town to be 1500-1800 more yuan

Fall October, senile travel market begins to warm up. Each travel agent is grabbed in succession seize travel business chance, roll out the travel circuitry of go on a journey of fit old people.

On October 7 morning, 320 old people fall in the organization of company of tour of the Yangtse River, set out from Yichang the brigade that began Changjiang Delta. This the journey will multiply a car reach Wuhan from Yichang, take home to ” of date of sun of gold of luxurious yacht “ arranges the Yangtse River and fall again, visit 10 several cities with coastal the Yangtse River and 20 famous tourist attractions. Visit adds up to 320 old people.

The reporter understands, as a result of fall after a rise of price of the airline ticket after the section, accommodation, meal, travel circuitry price also falls considerably subsequently, as it happens got used to the characteristic with senile group low price, after the section each travel agent recommend a key to be put to old people group.

The reporter understands from much home travel agent yesterday, special railway line of travel of red ” of “ the setting sun is current on travel market advocate the route that choose, recommend circuit to basically be centered in the popular travel place such as Beijing, Hainan, Guilin, Xiamen, the price is 1500-1800 more yuan.

Reporter discovery, although be the tourism group that old people gives priority to, but come round to sign up be in the majority with the youth however. Original, many old people go on a journey are children signs up for you capture expends. Ms. Liu that is group of parental ginseng signing up tells a reporter, oneself parents is emeritus already, body of life at leisure still follows to go up again now, often encourage them to go out so.

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